Why Should I apply to become an ACESIN Fellow?

You should become an ACESIN Fellow because ACESIN is the only organization in the country, in fact the world, that allows you to be recognized as an e-Neutral that is qualified in ADR and e-Discovery.  ACESIN is the "go-to" cite for judges, lawyers, corporate counsel, and parties to find an e-Neutral that fits the needs of a case.   ACESIN is a vehicle for each e-Neutral to manage his or her own profile to better promote his or her legal services in this arena.  At the same time, an ACESIN Fellow benefits from ACESIN's commitment to not only network its e-Neutrals, but promote the use of its e-Neutrals in this cutting-edge field.  As you expand your practice into a new market, you will see that the benefits of being an ACESIN Fellow pay for themselves.   Don't wait!  Join now by clicking on the Become a Fellow Tab.