What are the benefits of an e-Mediation?

E-Mediation has multiple benefits to the litigants and the court.  For examples, e-Mediation helps the parties

  • self-direct workable solutions,
  • define scope parameters,
  • determine relevancy
  • determine form(s) of production,
  • develop mutually acceptable search methodologies,
  • create timelines for production or “e-depositions,”
  • propose confidential compromises,
  • create efficiencies with a mutual discovery plan,
  • set guidelines for asserting violations of the plan (non-waiver agreements),
  • create boundaries for reasonable and proportional preservation,
  • avoid spoliation pitfalls,
  • manage protection of privileged information,
  • maintain credibility with the court,
  • avoid court-imposed sanctions, and
  • allocate costs.